The MyVolleyBox Journey

Hey volleyball community! Whether you've been with us since the jump or you're just hopping on board, let's dive into the heart of TheTransferZn. For the newcomers, it's our little corner of Instagram where we shine a spotlight on athletes and their jaw-dropping highlights, all aimed at helping athletes find their next school adventure.

Since 2021, our passion has been all about growing this community and making connections with club directors, college coaches, and parents. But you know what truly lights up our days? The connections we build with the players. Using our Instagram platform, we've been part of their journeys—helping them make those crucial links to future opportunities, navigate tricky university transfers, form friendships, and just be there with some moral support.

Putting players front and center, we set out to craft a reliable product that gives volleyball players a brand to call their own.

Now, fast forward to July 2023. We proudly introduced our very first MyVolleyBox. The goal? To create a product that not only keeps players game-ready but also adds a dash of fun to their off-the-court adventures. And let's not forget, it's a sweet gift for parents to shower their hardworking daughters with some love throughout the season.

The behind-the-scenes? Picture late-night Zoom sessions, brainstorming social media moves, and a whole lot of heart poured into creating a product tailored explicitly for volleyball athletes.

This journey with MyVolleyBox? It's been nothing short of incredible. Bringing along the relationships we built at TheTransferZn? That's been the cherry on top. The support from our community? It's seriously unmatched, and watching it all grow has been an absolute joy. And hey, we're always ready for your product suggestions and fresh ideas, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Cheers to the MyVolleyBox family!

-The MyVolleyBox Team

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